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NFZ-Summer School 2017 "IFGI"

Summer School "International Forestry and Global Issues" (IFGI) in September 2017

NFZ-Summer School 2017 "IFGI"
25.- 29 Sept. 2017 in downtown Nancy / France, hosted by AgroParisTech and INRA.


Become part of an interdisciplinary academic circle !

Discuss natural, societal and political challenges influencing forests, forest management, and forest research with renown international scientists.

Arbre tordu

There are many important global challenges and international political developments influencing the future of forests and forest management. Important examples are the political will to enhance Bio-Economy in Europe, the Convention on Biological Diversity, international initiatives to reduce deforestation, Risks of Climate Change and related negotiations around carbon emissions and sinks, and many other international and national regulations and programs. The training course will address these challenges with the objective to provide an up to date overview and background information about their impact on forests, forestry and forest policy. The course will include lectures, a field day, interactive discussions, and group work.

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