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First announcement "BioFor"

Fachschaftshaus” of the University of Freiburg
From 28.08.2016 to 02.09.2016

Bioeconomy - a challenge for European forestry and the bio-based sector – an interdisciplinary summerschool

NFZ - forestnet – organizes the yearly summerschool 2016 in Freiburg i. Br., Germany with the general topic bioeconomy including all aspects of the topic. The summerschool seeks to attract Phd students in the broad field of forest sciences and closely related disciplines with emphasis on the member countries. The goal is to organize an interdisciplinary summerschool covering all aspects of forest sciences and closely related fields related to bioeconomy from social sciences (policy, socio-economics) over natural sciences (growth and yield, ecology, silviculture, agro-forestry, …) to material and wood sciences and engineering (including harvesting techniques and operations research).

The summerschool will include lectures, poster sessions, excursions and group work of the students to selected topics. It is planned that the results of the group work will be presented on the last day of the summerschool 2016 (September, 2nd 2016). This presentation will be integrated in a ceremony, in which the renewal of the signature of the NFZ agreement by the representatives of the NFZ member organisations will take place.

Core information: 

Date of the summerschool:   28.8.2016 – 02.09.2016

Location: “Fachschaftshaus” of the University of Freiburg on the “Schauinsland” close to Freiburg i.Br., Germany  (youth hostel level but in a wonderful surrounding)

Language: English

Target group:  15-30 Phd students form all countries with various backgrounds related to the topic of the summerschool, a significant participation of students from the countries of the member institutions (Germany, France, Switzerland) is expected

Funding/scholarships:  to keep the costs of the summerschool affordable, the organizers will apply for funding at several funding organizations in Germany. If this is successful, scholarships will be offered mostly for participants from less developed countries

Lecturers:  should be mostly selected from the members of the NFZ forestnet network, but not restricted to. The core partners are asked to identify and approach suitable lecturers from all mentioned fields to save the date and contact the organizers. Suggestions for potential lecturers from external institutions are welcome but should not exceed a certain share to keep the travel costs low. The NFZ model for the summerschools foresees that the member institutions provide travel costs for the lectures of these member organisations of NFZ. 

Contact:  (coordination) and (organisation)